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Berlin Training – Week 1: Here comes a new Challenge

It Begins Again I did over six hours of running this week, but it didn’t feel like it. I was still fresh for my Sunday long run (10 miles), despite running every day (and twice on Tuesday). I’m enjoying my typical run being 45 minutes easy and feel happy to be using a purchased training…

Training to run Sub 3 in Berlin

Online Marathon Coaching I hired an online coach for my last marathon attempt. I chose one with an Olympic pedigree who offered a tailored training plan. We started 18 weeks out from the race, identified a goal time (3:20, a 21 minute PB), and he set about creating a plan that would get me there….

My quest for a BQ marathon – Part Three

OK, fuck it. I’m bored with this retrospective series and it’s a bit hoity-toity so I’m wrapping it up. The last post took me to my first marathon and a minute over four hours to finish. It’s a decent time for a first go at my age but nothing to get up myself about. I…

My quest for a BQ marathon – Part Two

Technically I started training for my first marathon 5 months out. I was full of beginner’s enthusiasm and felt like I could build some momentum. I didn’t want to be the guy who turned up at the start line having barely trained. I especially didn’t want to be the guy who didn’t make the finish…

My quest for a BQ marathon – Part One

I spent a good chunk of my teens and adult years smoking, drinking and occasionally dabbling in recreational substances. It left me with poor fitness, low self-esteem and a variety of other physical and mental niggles. In 2013, I was 34 and rebounding from a failed relationship, I bought a pair of Adidas running shoes….