Working from home has its advantages. A relaxed dress code among them. This however has led to the loss of a key indicator of how fat I am – my work clothes.

I’ve not worn my smarter shirts or jeans for over a year and got a surprise when I tried them on. Not even close to fitting.

I’ve put on about 4 kilos of pandemic weight and need to get that off to feel comfortable again.

Along with working from home I’ve let my diet get a bit tasty and I’m not running very much right now. We have a four month old daughter so running gets knocked down the priority list a bit.

But honestly, I can still find plenty time to get out for 20-30 miles a week.

Listening to Bill Burr’s podcast this morning I heard him make a similar point about his work clothes so I’m in good company.

I’m back on the myfitnesspal as of today and I’ll try to steer this hulking frame back into more slender waters.